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About us

We are taxi and charter company in Inari. We provide many kind of transfers across the lapland area, mainly in Inari and northern. We have almost 65 years experience in the industry.

  • France

    The customer service is very nice and helpful

  • Japan

    The vehicles are clean and comfortable

  • Finland

    Kuljettajaanne Jyrkiä kehuttiin on kuulemma auttavainen ja mukava

  • Canada

    Best service for couples and solo travelers.

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How it works?

1. Find your transfer

Find your transfer from the web. If your wanted tranfer is not available you can ask an offer from us.

2. Book a ticket

Book your ticket online with your ride´s informations. Then you can go to your shopping cart.

3. Make payment

After you have booked your ticket you can pay it from web. After that you will get email from us.

4. Enjoy your ride

After all of that you can hop on the car and finally relax in our comfortable cars.

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